Présentation du cerf volant de traction ou Kite pour moi

Un sport de glisse né à la fin des années 90 utilisant une énergie infinie, non polluante et omniprésente : le Vent
Se pratique sur l’eau, le sable, la terre, l’herbe, le bitume ou la neige.

La force du vent et un cerf volant amélioré donnent l’énergie de glisser sur l’eau, grimper des montagnes, sauter à des hauteurs vertigineuses, traverser des déserts chauds et froid, monter les dunes…
C’est un sport en plein essor de plus en plus médiatisé et « tendance » qui véhicule les valeurs d’écologie, de modernité, de dynamisme et de performance.

« Venez surfer sur la vague de notre discipline que ce soit sur l’eau, la terre ou la neige ! »


Maître nageur sauveteur(étéhiver)

Créateur du site sur le genou du kiteur

Coach, moniteur,  fondateur et webmaster du club KiTe UNiT

Moniteur de Voile –  Ski – Moniteur de kitesurf – snowkite et de powerkite

Name Date of birth?alexandre robin

ROBIN Alex 18 /09/1982


Place of birth?

Paris france


Lives where?

summer (june to september) « ile de ré » on a boat for kitesurf

winter « serre chevalier » close to the lautaret pass for snowkite

few month in Paris in automn and spring for Mountainboard




What do you do for living?

I play to chameleon: I’m personnal trainer specialised in injured athletes rehabilitation and manage a coaching society in Paris « »

but during season i’m sail and swimming pool teacher or skiman and snowkite teacher…


What’s on your iPod?

I used to listen lot’s of Hip hop when i was young, but since few years i’m more Ragga-reggae and electro… when i write these lines i listen the last sound of « Flox », « Pupajim » and Sizzla !!!


Favorite Spot?

it’s very difficult because it’s not the same on earth, snow and water:

water: it’s a spot called « Grignon » in Ile de Ré where lots of windsurfers like antoine albeau ride… waves, flat and freeride with NW to SW.

Snow: « Cerviéres » in French Alpes. 15 minutes from Briancon you have lot’s of freeride to do, lots of hill to fly and do without kite and many places for freestyle !!!

Earth: « Bondoufle » in south of Paris next to « Courcouronnes ». A mountain board spot with two big hills we can use in all South wind direction.


Favorite kite(s)?

The same it depends of my practice, Psycho4 12m² for freestyle and Speed3 15m² for very light wind and race.But i usually use Psycho4 in 12m²… that’s really a good kite, because i even used it in more than 30 knts on flat water and can give me snowkite session in 5 or 6 knts… I use the deluxe one and i’m very happy because it’s really strongand never break it on land.


Favorite Board(s)?

I use the Flyradical M in all conditions and a Flydoor just for races.


Favorite Trick?

I really really do more kiteloop backloop than other tricks because i really like the feeling of the kite when i see the sky… like if i’m blind… After you can do 2 rotations or a grab or just a transition or a huge one 5meters height !!!


Favorite movie?

One of my best recent movie is « wanted » and an old one is « Usual Suspect » because some simple guy are in fact specials !!!



Cause of my sailing experience since i’m 17years old i really like Rhum specially the « Damoiseau », you know the rhum carabians say they can stop drinking when the two guys touch the ground (but they never do 😉 ) Try with honey and some yellow lemon it’s crazy !!!


Your best results:

2nd in World Snowkite Championship Freestyle


What else?

I’m 2nd in MTB French Championnship

and 2nd in freestyle and race snowkite French championnship


Other Sponsors?


i ride for Xshape in Mountainbaord… Less weight than MBS and personnal custom possible !!

i ride for Elan in ski… For race and frestyle Elan help me to be the best i can in my practice.

i ride for Uvex for Googles and glasses…

i ride for Hannah for winter outdoor equipment

and i can’t forget the federation of kite of Paris witch help me for competiton


Why do you like FLYSURFER?

The first time i saw the flysurfer website in paris i was riding a 5m² beamer… and wanted to buy a Pulse 1 5m² and i said that’s the kite i want for snowkite, mountainboard or kitesurf. 2 years later when the French Distributor contacted me i was really happy to have one kite for all my practices. I discovered the Pyscho3 and really loved it.

Other thing very important, i’m pro rider but need to work to have other activities than kite so i can ride everyday but not so much… 3hours, sometimes 1 hour so i need somethnig with very quick preparation. After 3 years with Flysurfer i never have problems of line because i always clean it as the same at the end of my sessions.


About kite in general:

Just think it’s a really good game !! And we are alone on our boarss but we always practice in a team so don’t ride alone, pass by school and associations. For expert snowkiters, we always want to change the target of something: now in paragliding they try to come next to the ground with speed riding and flying. In kite we tried to fly far from the ground but it’s not the good target i think. Please be really carefull with flying and try to stay next to the floor when you fly, it’s better and more funny i think now !!!


About himself:

euh… about me. Nothing else to say just ones maybe: if i’m the rider i am today it’s because i choosed it and i never regrets my choise same if sometimes i realise i’ve lost other things. And it’s also because i’m with a very good team, « KiTe UNiT » with my friend Mehdi, NicoFS, Amaury, Fred, Francis the realisator of our movies, Wareck… thanks to all !!

And to Finish: « KiTe Fly UniT SuRfeR One Love »